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Kingdom Life Fellowship is a Christ-following, non-denominational community of friends and families from various cultures and backgrounds whose lives have converged because of the grace of Jesus Christ.

We call each other family.

We like to eat together,celebrate together, worship and make music together,and share life together.  We like to dream big together,pray together, and learn more about our purpose in Christ together through His Word.


Our heart is to change our city and our world together through the power of the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We have been saved by His grace and made alive through His resurrection power. We believe that the Holy Spirit
empowers us to live lives of love, holiness, fruitfulness, and impact.

We desire worship to be our lifestyle, more than just an event, day, or gathering. We pray that whatever stage
of life’s journey you are on, you continue to discover and grow in the amazing love of Jesus!

Michael Harris
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